Secret Dinner



Exclusive and gastronomic dining in an extravagant way that you have never experienced before, this is what Secret Dinners vows to deliver. Let yourself be taken to an UNKNOWN location in an unexpected setting, where you will meet people you have never seen before and leave with newfound friends.

Members will receive a surprise message revealing the location a few hours before the dinner. Everything is a big secret until the day!

The only thing you have to know is that you will be treated to an amazing home cooked dinner made by hand by one of our members.

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO is just give us your phone number when you sign up to the event and bring with you the beverage of your choice..!

We charge EUR 5 as a booking fee to avoid last minute cancellations that can mess up the dinner preparations.

If you like the food, company and the evening we recommend tipping the chef Eur 10+ based on your experience ! Sound like fun? Register below!

Payment options:

  1. Automatically on meetup
  2. Paypal to
  3. Bizum 635999050 and mention “dinner”


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