Movement Correction Therapy in Alicante


There is no need for you to have a deep understanding of anatomy in order to understand your body, you imply have to learn to listen to its voice.

Every Thursday at 7.30pm

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There is no need for you to have a deep understanding of anatomy in order to understand your body. It’s enough to understand that your body is a chain and all parts of this chain has its own functions. If one part doesn’t work correctly then the hole chain breaks. By knowing the function of every part of your body, you can feel what energy it’s responsible for.

Face: how we greet the world, how we see ourselves,  how we recognize the environment. Stomach: how we accept, how we eat, our nutrition, how we process, how we take the necessary valuables and give away waste. Legs: how we move,  how confident we are during our moving ahead.

Energy is inside our body, energy of life preserved in different ways. Information is energy. It’s your thoughts, kept in every one of your cells. You can change the Information that moves and forms you. You can find out what limits you and transform it. How to find out? Through your body. Your body is your wise friend who helps you every moment. You just need to hear the voice of your body, to understand your body.

About our therapist Kateryna

I am 42. I am a woman, a wife, a mother, a daughter and a friend. For the past 24 years I have been passionate about the human body; I studied kinesiology, psychosomatics, and massage therapy in different schools for many years. I love what I do and the human body.

Payment Options

Please support your teacher by making a donation. The recommended amount for this class is 10 euros.
You can pay in the following ways:
1. Bizum Eur 10 to Shawn on 635999050 and mention ‘movement’
2. Card or Cash at the Activities Centre


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