Moors & Christians Festival in Villena


The Moors and Christian festival dates back to 1474 and is known as one of the most authentic and ancient ceremonies  on the Mediterranean coast. Attend this wonderful event and enjoy the performances, beautiful scenery, delicious food, and great company. Connect, discover, relax and have fun.

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The Moors and Christian festival is one of the most authentic ceremonies along the gorgeous Mediterranean coast of Spain.

7 facts about the festival:

  1. Its origin dates back to 1474, when the Virgen de las Virtudes, who freed the city from the evils of the plague, was proclaimed patron saint of Villena.
  2. Every year, thousands of tourists assist to this celebration.
  3. 14 troupes participate in the festivities, half belonging to the Moorish side and the rest to the Christian side, who perform a pilgrimage in honor of the Virgin of “La Morenica”, as she is known in Villena.
  4. One of the most huge and popular Moors and Christian festivals takes a place in Villena on September.
  5. That’s why we organizing a half-day bus trip to Villena on the 9th of September.
  6. We will be traveling as a group by Bus from Alicante. Check Itinerary and book your slot. It’s limited!

14.40 Boarding starts
15:00 Bus leaves Alicante
16:00 Reach Villena
– Visit Castillo de la Atalaya – OPTIONAL
17:00 Parade of New Captains, Alfereces and godmothers
– walk around the city to see Iglesia de Santa María, Iglesia de Santiago, Plaza de toros
19:00 Dinner and Drinks
20.40 Boarding
21:00 Bus leaves Villena
22:00 Alicante

How to find us :

We will meet inside Ibericos Luceros at 14.40 and catch the bus outside this restaurant at 15.00. You can contact Shawn +34635999050/ Alua +34 663 53 93 96


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