Celebration of life with Frank Pucelik in Alicante


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Come over to Alicante and celebrate life with us from 8-12 August 2022

Most of us really long to live the life we choose. Some of us do and others might feel that some factors are keeping them from doing that. It’s time to take the lead in our own lives and enjoy

Who better to celebrate with than with Life Coach Number One Frank Pucelik

Frank Pucelik is world famous in the NLP-world. NLP, Neurolinguistic Programming, is the practice of understanding how people organize their thin-king. More importantly, it gives tools and insights how to successfully organize that. Back in the 70’s, Frank was one of the three creators of this model.

It was called ‘Meta’ back then. ‘Meta’, the treasure chest for living a wonderful life. For people who are new to the NLP world: you’re in for amazingly easy to digest and expertly performed ‘original’ , pure NLP as it was created before it was named NLP and was called ‘Meta’.

It’s for wonderful for everyone, but – even for people who are NLP (master) practitioner or NLP trainer: be in for a surprise! You didn’t know this stuff! You will get fundamental pieces of ‘Meta’ that had gone lost in later NLP. Jewels of knowledge and insights. And – as Frank himself is teaching, you will be enchanted by his charismatic, inspirational and utterly understandable performances (3 hours per day on average, during the Event).

Frank to us is ‘Life Coach Number One’, as he understands how it is to overcome serious stuff in life and bounce back into enjoyment. It is always a privilege to see and hear him teach. He touches your soul, he does.
A celebration cannot be a ‘Celebration’ when there is no Music. So beside the few daily hours of inspirational teachings, there will be bands playing music, opportunities to dance, enjoying the Alicante City, Postiguet Beach and what not.

A program with a more detailed timetable and exact venue address will be provided on arrival Celebration of Life
Event that takes place from Monday 8. August till and including Friday 12. August 2022.
For now it’s just necessary to know:
• Venue: Campus University of Alicante

• Accommodation: On this campus, Villa Universitaria | Residencia, Alicante, Calle Vicente Savall Pascual, 16, 03690 Sant Vicent del Raspeig, Alicante. Or any place you booked yourself

• Price of the Celebration of Life Event: € 250 for the whole program of this Celebration of Life Event. Food and beverage NOT included


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